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Simple-Simple Kanchi ko~~Latest Nepali Movie " Andaj" Song 2011.

  1. I like this song. Who are the singers?
  2. Fantastic songgg love it
  3. Buffalo dance
  4. WOWWW!!! First Nepalese Song ever to get over 1 million
    views^^^ Istillcan'tbelieve#
  5. .. cool
  6. rekha gets on nerves, wot the fuck is that dance! ..but
    after a long time this is the onli song i liked form the
    nepali film industry ....director ko budi rahecha ....
  7. I like this song its music... But cant understand... Can any
    one translate it for me..???
  8. lovely song but bhumo so takpo,boy soso----
  9. I like it
  10. not bad
  11. @surja005 Hahahhahhahhha
  12. teri ma ki chud. Teri behan chtud. Sala mader chod.
  13. Potato body n cucumber body ... they need to find someone
    who looks good at list looks after them self.
  14. hami nepali le janeko nai aru ko bejjat garnu ho
    raicha...suneko thiye aja dekha.....samjhayera kehi faida
    chaina sweety
  15. this song will reach the 1 million because its fantastic
  16. hahaha geet ta ramrai...xa....tara yo heroni xai ko
    ho...jotko xata ani......hahahaa.....xikney yasto.pani
    heroni hunxa naa euda atractoin na euda deducate xa herdata...geet arkai...tysko laya arkai
    jasto dekhinxata ani...ramro sanga herata sathi ho...if m
  17. sexe song onli like rekha.........
  18. mero favt song simple simple...kanxi ki dimple parne gala
    soltini garana chai khojekai ho ajai yastai yastai unnati
    pragati gardai garnu ani 6abbbbbiii ojha lai chai na
    xoddnu.asti malai call garera gunaso dukha sukha ka kura
    share garnu bunu don't leave him
  19. super song
  20. nice song
  21. Mosaga sikna aauni
  22. @surja005 disgusting sob.
  23. To nepaleon I know u are offended but that culture started
    thousands of year ago n there is reason n logic behind it
    which can be found in the Hindu scripture but you will
    never understand because its been only 25 years you have
    learned to clean your ass after shit. So please don't
    compare. I live abroad where they eat beef but not because
    they are against hindu but u only wanna eat that coz u r
    jealous of Hindu n show ur anger. As far i am concerned
    nepal is land of Hindu and Buddhist who are
  24. @ all my friends here who are elated about the potentials of
    eating beef in nepal let me tell you that your staple was
    pig not beef as a Community your religion or creed does not
    say beef will take you to heaven. However I suppose you as
    a whole community wanna show anger by doing something that
    will particularly offend Hindus. Other there are lots of
    stuff Hindus don't consume but Mongolian race elsewhere do
    such as dog flesh as in Korea you may start eating dogs in
    your home but you will not


2.85 min
User rating: 4.2628727/5
Username: therealharmonist100 .
Views on youtube: 1287427

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