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Father Berchmans Hits Songs

  1. Mr.Paul Christian how can you tell Father Berchmans is a
    fault prohet.Does he says prophesy always no.Rarely he does
    and that will be from God.My sister didnot had a child for
    5+ years.When he prayed to Jesus for her ,god gave him word
    and he said aravathu varudathil Karthaar unkaluku aruthalin
    makanai tharuvar(In 6th year god will give you a boy child
    of comfortness)You know correctly in 6th year my sister was
    blessed with a boy baby we named his 2nd name as Samueland
    also now my sister has a second child which is a girl child
    too.What a blessing.Brother dont estimate people of your
    own ,first being a Christian learn to respect and love
    others specially elders.How can you call him as guy.How
    older is Father from you.Accepting this song has some
    choreography which is little over,its the choreographers
    mistake and why not this may be because even a non believer
    listens to this song just for dance & then it may touch him
    and he may be saved.
  3. glory to JESUS
  4. thanks god
  5. Thanks All
  6. dont be foolish sathyapriyan
  7. Love this song. We sing this song regularly at our church...
  8. Praise the lord. Father lovely father We love all your
    songs. Beautiful Songs GOOD. May God bless you Father.
  9. His songs has got Holy Spirit anointing ... That is the
    evidence of being a Man of God... Every one sinned and fell
    short of God's glory.. No one is perfect but God is
    gracious and faithful ... Please as Christians stop
    critizing people of God...
  10. dancelam aadakoodath.
  11. myy favoritee !!!!<3
  12. Great Song ! , I Dont know tamil but i really love this
    song, the tune is superb and to know about this song i am
    trying to learn tamil. Can Any body PLZZZZZZ send me the
    lyrics for this song in TELUGU for which i will be very
    thankful to you. MAY GOD BLESS U ALL.
  13. superb song.its my fav song.jesus s my love
  14. i am not foolish,this dancing will prasise our god?no.this
    is fully irritating our god.
  15. @arhifaith Build a thanksgiving altar, Build a thanksgiving
    altar, for the gud lord has don great things, the grt
    things don r many( in thousands),i wil tel the gud the lord
    has done again and again and praise him, thank you father,
    u hav don great things,thank you father,u hav don great
    things,gav us lyf nd loved us,washd us nd tuk away r sin,u
    hav chosen us 2 do ur ministry, thank you father, u hav don
    grt things,let us build a thanksgiving altar the lord has
    don grt things
  16. This Guy Fr. Berkman is a GREAT ACTOR and HYPOCRITE... But a
    good dance master... a FALSE PROHET... Dont beleive this
    guy, Instead of that PRAY to ALMIGHTY LORD JESUS CRIST and
    guy a is GREAT HYPOCRITE...


6.15 min
User rating: 4.6039605/5
Username: Rajan Stephanson
Views on youtube: 98857

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Jebathotta Jeyageethangal NANARI BALI




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