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Satguru Main Teri Patang

  1. I like men and women singing bhajans together.I love this
    song. It is purifying heart
  2. god can't be created nor destroyed-guru nanak
  3. god is one
  4. English translation anyone? 
  5. Awesome bhajan....
  6. It is very nice Bhajan Any 1 knows who is singer and
    composer and arranger of music
  7. I devote this song to my pyare sadguru Pujya Asaramji Bapu.
  8. wahe guru wahe guru
  10. Awesome !!!!!!!! Really !!!!
  11. bro please do not spread religion diffrences on
  12. jai nirmal darbar ki
  13. jai satguru ji di
  14. are you an idiot? i had said it in my previous comment. this
    is not in gurbani
  15. change ur views
  16. :-)
  17. So soothing..i can keep listening to this song on and
    on..amazing song.
  19. lovely bhajan and lovely voice...
  20. Very Nice.........
  21. This bhaja really giv lots of peace to me
  22. Best bhajan I ever Heard !!!!!
  23. makes me feel relaxed, fresh and peaceful without any
  24. Who is it!!??
  25. fantastic one!


9.32 min
User rating: 4.66348/5
Username: gaurav103g
Views on youtube: 1198483

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Satguru Main Teri Patang
Sung by: Anil Hanslas




Web page:


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