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Raj Thakre 3

  1. He is in chakravyuva but the Marathi people will force him
    out of it and he will emerge vitorious against Chara
    gotalakhor Lalu against Krupa , pandey and all the bhaiyas
    who dont care for maharastra but just money
  2. Raj Thackeray is very dynamic, he should not waste his flair
    by doing something foolish
  3. Dudee he gives awesome speech...
  4. He rocks!!!
  5. He has blessing of speaking really well. He just needs to
    refine what he talks about. I understand and share his
    frustration of uneducated people coming to maharashtra and
    specifically bombay. If he tries to involve himself with
    solution he has the potential to revive mumbai. . I was born
    in bangalore, at age of 3 months i came to mumbai...i have
    lived in mumbai for 23 yrs. MEE MUMBAIKAR!!!
  6. raj rocks................


9.98 min
User rating: 4.680851/5
Username: Rahul Deshmukh
Views on youtube: 139978

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Raj Thakre




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